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Functional Training for cyclists

Cycling is a wonderful sport and the favorite fitness training for many sport enthusiasts. Besides the effects for high endurance the legs will also be trained very well. Though there are aspects missing in the training schedule for cyclists. Many times the core muscles are too weak so back pain is very common. This is not only a problem for amateurs also pro riders complain about this issue. Another weak spot is the knee. There is also big potential for recovery matters. With functional training all of these issues can be improved. We show a complete system improving all three elements. Balance exercises leads to better motion control. With the strength exercise the body core will work more stable. And better recovery will improve the performance and comfort on and off the bike.

More information and exercise demo:



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ErgoNews – Dr. Tofaute gives a lecture at the 4th International Bicycle Development Congress

This week the Bike ISPO in Munich opens the doors. On Thursday the 4th International Bicycle Development Congress will take part besides the trade show. The top development guys for the bicycle industry will meet to exhange the latest trends. Dr. Tofaute as one of the most recognized ergonomics specialist will hold a lecture about this topic: „Which bike fits to unusual body proportions?" 

For these people the right position works only with the right geometry. Dr. Tofaute will explain the criteria for the right development of bike geometries and also for the single rider. The lecture is hold in July, 25th at 2.40 pm, hall B5, Innovationcenter.

More information: www.bike-kongress.de

Sport Ergonomics – welcome!

ErgoNews – Sport Ergonomics at Rad & Outdoor

Normally the Bremer Stadtmusikanten are in the main interest. But this weekend the bicycle and the outdoor athletes will rule the town. The Rad & Outdoor is the biggest event of this kind in Northern Germany and kicks off the new season. Sport ergonomics is present at the show with a booth. Every visitor is invited to get a free body measurement. The cyclist can optimize the position on the bike with this data. Dr. Kim Tofaute will give some lectures about ergonomics in cycling and outdoor. If you want to get more into it come to the Sport Ergonomics booth to get personal advice from the former professional mountainbike athlete..

More information at: www.rad-outdoor.de

Sport Ergonomics – welcome!

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