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ErgoNews – Lectures at the FREE

Why is ergonomics useful for cyclists? And what is ergonomics about exactly? Those who are looking for the answers, should visit the lectures by Dr. Tofaute at the F.R.E.E., Munich. The sports ergonomics expert will explain the soft spots. All interfaces are shown in the "magic triangle". The cycling expert will explain how to ride your bike comfortable and healthy. He will give advise to improve comfort in the delicate areas of the saddle, the handlebar and the pedals. But comfort is not ony for recreational riders. Good ergonomics helps also ambitious athletes to go faster and with longer endure.

The presentation "Ergonomics for mountain bikers or why even tough guys need comfort" will be daily from the 21-23 of February in Hall A6 on the bike stage.

To get more informations visit www.free-muenchen.de


Sport Ergonomics - welcome!


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ErgoNews - Sport Ergonomics at ISPO

Sport Ergonomics celebrates its first participation to the ISPO show. The ISPO Munich ist the biggest and world leading trade show about all kind of sports and equipment. Sport ergonomics has never been displayed at the ISPO before. Thereby ergonomics are essential for sport products. Nobody likes bad equipment not fitting properly and with a lack of functionality.  We care as a specialist for ergonomic products right from the product development. So the sports gear and the athlete will interact smoothly. Ergonomic products are superior and give so many benefits.  It is clear that ergonomics create values for sales and marketing. Let us talk about your product and how we can improve ergonomics. You are always welcome. More information at www.ispo.com

Please visit us at ISPO Munich, 3.-6. Februar 2013:

Sport Ergonomics Consulting/IDEAS, hall B2, booth 119

Sport Ergonomics – welcome! 

Ergo News - Cycling with Sport-Ergonomics

With the cycling event on the Feldberg / Taunus near Frankfurt, we want to support a campaign that combines our passion for cycling with a charitable purpose. The organizers convinced me instantly with their idea. It is open to everyone, with the principal aim to have fun at the tour. The donations will go to the "Help for Children with Cancer Frankfurt e.V.". Please do some donations even if you cannot attend the event. However no excuses are credible. See you on the 9th September on the Feldberg. More information is available at  www.feldberg-radeln.de

Sport Ergonomics - welcome!

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