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Ergo News – Sport-Ergonomics at the Outdoor

Ergonomics is important in sport, especially, during outdoor activities. If you want to get off the beaten track and experience new situations, then the equipment should serve their purpose. We help to improve the ergonomics, of your products. We conduct usability tests, market benchmarks and do ergonomic products design. We also offer empirical evaluation and sales promotion, all based on our extensive experience across the value chain. In the development process, our global network allows us to meet international requirements.

Visit us on the Outdoor, Friedrichshafen from 12.-15. July 2012:

Sport Ergonomics Consulting/IDEAS, Stand ÜO/103, Passage A5/A6

Sport Ergonomics – welcome!

Ergo News – Sport-Ergonomics moves to the Technology Center (TZK)

With the move into the new offices of the Technology Center (TZK) at the University of Koblenz, the foundations of a successful business were laid. The TZK is committed to the economic development of young companies and provides a service for all questions of daily business. With the good regional network it also creates an excellent network.
The Sport Ergonomics Consulting has made it its business to optimize products and processes in an ergonomic way. According to the slogan “Strive for perfection!” it is our task to increase the performance and the customer benefit. As a former professional athlete, Dr. Tofaute analyses the ergonomic interactions from different prospects, from the point of view of an user with a more scientific classification. With the 5 steps of Dr. Tofaute Concept the problem is solved comprehensively and holistically.

Sport Ergonomics – welcome!

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