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Examples of Projects


Ergonomics Check-Up:

Biomechanics - Pedaling and Pedals

KTO Webseite_Header_neu11Pedaling looks so simple, but to "perfectly pedal" is difficult. This is particularly true for touring biking, since they use no pedal locks like professional cyclist do. To gain efficiency and comfort on the road, this group of users was examined and biomechanically tested. Existing products were extensively tested and studied during the test. This first 360-degree Check-Up led to the important analysis that should be started with every project.

Expert Advice:

Strategy Portfolio - Saddles

KTO Webseite_Header_neu12The saddle is an ergonomic product from its inception. It should be optimally adapted to the user and the movements. The saddle market supplies the customer with many different brands and with a vast number of models. Most of them, we did not only test by ourselves, but also subjected to scientific testing. We have laid the foundation, for the next generation of innovative saddles. Thus, we not only considered the market parameters of the major competitors, but we also examined the feasibility and efficiency of innovative products.

Ergo-/Design Stage:

Ergonomic design backpack

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A backpack is subject to various requirements. Once the product requirements document was written after the analysis of existing products and the market, the following step was the design. An interdisciplinary team of designers, engineers, product managers and experts in ergonomics, brainstormed in workshops for innovative ideas. After a collection of ideas, the new concepts were visualized. At the end, the hotly favored concepts were implemented as prototypes.

First serial implementation & endurance tests:

Handles in the race

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The customer must be able to rely on a properly working product. Particularly, when the safety depends on it. Therefore, we examined the ergonomic functions, such as the slip-resistance of handles. At the design stage, many ideas are more wish than reality. However, in the end we make the ergonomic features work. For this we perform endurance tests and test the products in races. Furthermore, we conducted extensive research to find out the opinion of the average user. The findings were included in last modifications and facelifts.


Training and presentations

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The development puts tremendous energy into the development of products. Innovation is often in need of explanation. This is the task of marketing, sales department and trade. We conducted lectures and training on the products, in these target groups. Thus, we have reached that those innovations have been accepted positive by many customers and have not been decried as complicated devices. Additionally, the marketing ensures that ergonomic products are accurately described and presented entirely comprehensible.

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